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Rideau Centre, Ottawa - Coming Summer 2014  

Happy Friday! Time to celebrate with one of our favourite treats! Fresh homemade gelato! Yum!
At the end of the month we'll be enjoying one of our favourite events of the year! #FANEXPO in Toronto! If you're going to be there make sure to come by for some treats!
We think this month's feature would make the PERFECT mid-week treat! #whatsinyourcrepe
Lunchtime? We have all the options! #whatsinyourcrepe
Tag your favourite person to grab crepes with for a chance to win yourself a crepe date on us! #whatsinyourcrepe
Time to expand your breakfast options!
Stay cool with something fresh and delicious! #Whatsinyourcrepe
How about a little bit of motivation to start your Monday off?
We don't know about you, but we love having this in our crepes! #WhatsInYourCrepe
Want the recipe for the perfect morning? Here it is!