Beat The Heat!

sidebar_right_promo_JuneTanning, swimming, camping, and barbecuing are just a few of the wonderful reasons why we love the summer. Not to mention the upcoming end of classes for students. We all wish we could spend the whole day outdoors soaking up Vitamin-D with friends and family, but being prepared for the summer is just as important as having fun!

 The sun and physical activity have gone hand-in-hand since we were toddlers. Sports, hiking, biking, you name it, they’re just more fun in the sun. Be sure to pack lots of water and refreshments for any outdoor escapades in order to stay healthy and hydrated!

 We know we don’t have to tell you how crucial it is to apply sunscreen for your outdoor activities, but even when you’ve lathered yourself in your strongest SPF, it’s important to recognize that the suns’ harsh rays can still damage your skin after prolonged exposure. Balance your day by making a habit to spend some time in the shade too.

 We’re rejoicing the return of summer weather, but we might not be so excited once the bugs start coming out. And they always do. The good news is that bug repelling technology is getting more and more advanced. They even have bug repellant that you can just wear as device around your waist. In the battle against bug bites, you’ll need every tool you can find.

 Amidst all this hustling and bustling to be prepared, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your summer! Of course, we’ve got a savoury special for the month of June to help you do just that! Our Hot Love crepe is filled with scrambled egg, fresh veggies, mozzarella and sizzling hot sauce for a combination your mouth will love. Father’s Day falls on June 15th this month, so be sure to treat him to a warm crepe. Cheers!