Fun in the Sun!

Summer and the end of the school year are just around the corner! This means sunny days full of fun await! Heading into these hot days, it is important to keep the body constantly hydrated. Do you know what is local, flavourful and good for you? Canadian berries! Berries contain approximately 80-90% water with natural sugars that give you healthy, radiant looking skin.  And if you are a fan of blueberries, you will be proud to know that the Fraser Valley region in BC is the second highest producer of blueberries in the world, producing 95% of the Canadian production of cultivated blueberries. So what are you waiting for…it’s time to plan a pick-your-own trip to enjoy a day in the country with the whole family!

To start off this June, you are invited to our brand new Hillside Centre location in Victoria, BC.  Come say hello and we’ll make your day with our June featured crepe “Hot Love”. With scrambled eggs, fresh veggies and mozzarella wrapped in our signature crepe and sizzled with hot sauce, it has the warm colours of the summer and a taste to remember. Don’t forget that your Dad deserves a treat this month – if you can’t make it in for the 21st, our promo is runs all month long!