Great Events for a Gelato Bar

In the warm, summer months, nothing beats a cold and refreshing gelato. Gelato is a similar treat to ice cream, although gelato is often creamier, denser, and lower in calories and fat. This Italian-style dessert is typically flavoured using fruit and nut purees, as well as other ingredients to make a delicious, rich, and tasty frozen treat. Having your event catered with a gelato bar is sure to bring a smile to your guests face and guarantee it will be an occasion to remember.

For a fun dessert idea at a wedding, a gelato bar is an excellent choice. This frozen delight works well during cocktail hour, when brought out after the meal during reception, or towards the end of the night. Gelato is often considered more elegant and decadent than traditional ice cream, making it perfectly suited for a wedding. It can be served in any way that ice cream is, allowing you to present a variety of options to your guests to inspire their creativity and whimsy.

At your next office event, consider having a gelato bar. Whether it be a company picnic, simple office lunch, or just a way to show your staff that you appreciate them, treating your employees to a delicious cold treat will surely brighten their day.

Birthday parties are a great time to have gelato catering. Whether the individual celebrating is not a fan of cake or is looking to share a delicious treat that breaks from tradition, a gelato bar will fit the bill perfectly.

Great Events for a Gelato Bar


At Crepe Delicious, we have 24 different flavours of gelato to choose from. These include options such as salted caramel, tiramisu, and dark chocolate. Our wide selection of flavour options also include 10 fruit varieties to appeal to many different taste profiles from the adventurous and bold to the classic.

Have Your Event Catered by Crepe Delicious

Have a gelato bar at your next event. Browse the gelato menu at Crepe Delicious to see our wide variety of exciting and gourmet flavours, and visit a location near you to come in and try your favourites!

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