Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Ideas for Busy Families

Get Ready to Pack Lunch Boxes as Summer Break Ends

Rear view of school kids raising their hands at schoolLunches can quickly become one of the most tiring concerns of the school year. They need to be compact, easy to pack, balanced and filled with kid-friendly food that will actually get eaten. With a little inspiration and planning, you can turn lunches into a fun and exciting part of your family’s weekly school routine.

If you have taken the family to your local Crepe Delicious, they may have developed a taste for this healthy food choice. From sweet fruit-filled crepes to savoury options bursting with veggies, there are endless combinations to suit every child’s taste buds. The good news is you can also pack homemade crepes in a weekday lunch! Looking for more lunch box ideas? Read on below or visit Crepe Delicious to get some more inspiration to fill your child’s crepes and lunchbox with healthy and delicious options every day of the school year.

Lunch Box Ideas for Full Stomachs and Focused Minds

Fuel your kids all day long and make your job as easy as possible with these quick and nutritious kid-friendly lunchbox meals:

  • Schoolgirl holding sack lunch in classroomEgg Muffins Your cupcake pan doesn’t only have to come out when it is time to make dessert. Consider baking up scrambled egg muffins to give your kids a boost of protein. Each member of the family can customize theirs with their favourite ingredients – from tomatoes to broccoli and mushrooms or ham and cheese.
  • Fruity Crepes Store-bought or homemade crepes can be filled with spreads and fresh fruit for a sweet and healthy lunch or afternoon snack. Simply spread, fill and wrap it up with your kids’ favourites. Try nut-free spreads like sunflower butter with grapes and apples for a safe, filling and nutritious lunch.
  • Ham and Cheese Rolls Roll and slice soft crepes filled with ham and cheese so that little hands can snack easily.
  • Pizza Crepes Everybody loves pizza, but it can be tough to pack in a lunch that has to make it all the way to school and through the morning. A pizza crepe means your kids’ favourite toppings won’t be exposed or slide off. They will remain tasty and in their proper place when folded into a healthy crepe.

Visit Crepe Delicious with the whole family for more inspiration or a lunch time treat during busy weeks. We have a wide selection of healthy sweet and savoury crepes. Check out our menu and find a location near you to get more ideas for back-to-school lunches.