Healthy Fillings for Dinner Crepes

You may think that crepes are traditionally a breakfast food and are reserved for sweet fillings. In reality, there are a wide variety of ingredients you can use to fill crepes that make them a healthy and interesting dinner choice.

Healthy Fillings for Dinner Crepes

Meat Fillings

A variety of meats can be used to fill a crepe and create a delicious, savoury dinner option. For example, chicken can be incorporated in crepes in a variety of different ways, just as you would use it in a wrap. You can add spices and vegetables to create more depth for those in your home with adventurous tastes, or keep it simple with a traditional combination of flavours like those in our Chicken Caesar crepe. Those who prefer red meat will love the California Steak crepe, and we also have three fish-filled crepes for individuals who prefer seafood, such as the Salmon Deluxe and Tuna Tango.

Vegetable Fillings

For vegetarians, there are many vegetable choices you can use to make a delightful and satisfying crepe filling. Any combination of veggies and dressings you can imagine that taste good outside of a crepe or in a salad will be equally delicious wrapped up inside a warm crepe. Our vegetarian menu selections may include cheese, dressings, a wide selection of fresh vegetables, and hummus. Try our Popeye, Mediterranean, and Falaffel Licious crepes for a wonderful, meat-free meal.

New Take on Classic Items

For an updated take on some traditional items, you can use a crepe as a starting point. Spread some pizza sauce all over your crepe base and add some cheese and toppings for a new spin on pizza. If you’re looking to replace spaghetti and meatballs, try adding sauce and meatballs to a crepe. You can also take anything you would traditionally stuff, such as jalapeno poppers or peppers, and place that filling into a crepe instead.

Try Our Selection of Savoury Items

For a savoury dinner option, We have a variety of selections available to suit your tastes. Browse Crepe Delicious menu to decide what you’re in the mood for, and then visit a location near you to pick up tonight’s meal for the family.