Kid-Friendly Meals: Choose Crepes for Children

Check Out Our Menu Items Which Are Perfect For Kids

our limited time march special, a delicious Sunset CrepeIf you have a child with a discerning palate (a.k.a. fussy-eater), it can be tough to find food they will willingly eat. Disguising ingredients, getting helpful little hands in the kitchen, and allowing children to feel involved in their meals can encourage them to eat more and try new things. Need a night off from cooking, but still need to satisfy your child’s taste buds? Crepe Delicious provides a fun spin on eating out by letting each family member customize their own crepe.

At Crepe Delicious, we make it a priority to see that our menu has options for every member of the family. We take pride in making your experience memorable, from the moment you walk in, all the way through the first and last bite of your fresh and customized crepe.

Your kids will enjoy seeing the magic happen as their crepe is prepared before their eyes. The crepe batter is spun over the griddle, warmed to perfection and filled with their chosen ingredients.

Our monthly special for March will be a delicious Sunset Crepe. Come try this limited time crepe during your March break, or perhaps have your family Easter meal catered. Try the Sunset Crepe before it’s gone.

Some of our locations even offer a special Kiddie Crepe Menu that features appetizing favourites like Pizza Crepes and Plain Cheese options for the less adventurous little ones. Colourful, fresh ingredients and a variety of choices help ensure that fruit and vegetables get eaten. With so much control over their meal, your children will enjoy eating their special crepe and won’t even notice how healthy it is for them.

Three happy children playing in summerStill looking for more fun? Split a dessert crepe after your family meal. The kids can have fun combining their favourite flavours or stick to classics like the S’Mores Crepe. We also offer many amazing flavours of gelato, which can be enjoyed on their own or added to your dessert crepe. Many of our sweet crepes also feature a hearty serving of fruit, making them a light and healthy end to your meal.

With vitamin-rich vegetables, protein packed options, and desserts that include heaps of fresh fruit, you can feel good about bringing the whole family to Crepe Delicious. From hungry teens to picky kids, we have a diverse menu of wholesome options to please everyone.

Crepe Delicious offers a fun food selection for both you and your children. Watch our crepes being made fresh in front of you as you choose from our wide selection of ingredients. Check out our menu and find a location near you to try your favourite crepe.