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Crepe Delicious

organized-chaos-1My Hubby’s Aunt used to make crepes on special occasions, for dessert. They were always a family favorite, and there was always many smiles in the room when she made her crepes. All my life I had only assumed crepes were a dessert item {I went to Paris in High School and that started my love affair with dessert crepes}. I had also assumed that they weren’t easy to make, so I never attempted. I recently had the opportunity to review the delicious products from Crepe Delicious, Canada’s largest chain which specializes in crepes. This experience made me realize that I had always been wrong on both assumptions.

organized-chaos-3You can find Crepe Delicious food kiosks all across Canada. You can either order a custom made crepe there, or you can also purchase packages of Crepes De Licious mix. For review, I received two packages of the mix to try at home as well as a gift card for a kiosk as well. I have to admit, considering that I believed all my life that making crepes was very difficult – I was nervous to try and make my own. Yet, I was very surprised at how easy it was. In fact, you only need add milk or water (It’s similar to making pancakes from a boxed mix). At first, I made the girls a delicious dessert with chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries from the market and whip cream. They gobbled it up faster than they do pancakes, impressive!

organized-chaos-2Yet wandering the website I noticed that crepes aren’t just for desserts – you can make healthy wraps from them as well. Each crepe contains only 1.5g of Fat and your options are endless for what goes inside. Fresh veggies, meats – your choice! It’s much healthier than grabbing bread, and it really changes up the typical lunch. Though I still prefer making crepes with dessert items, I really do like the option of not having to make one more boring sandwich!

If you are in the mood to go out for crepes, visit your local Crepe Delicious kiosk. They make crepes from the freshest of ingredients: sweet treats, breakfast crepes, salads, paninis and more. So, taking a trip to the mall doesn’t have to mean a high fat meal in the food court! Currently, my nearest Crepe Delicious is still a couple hours’ drive for us, so I would love to see even more kiosks across Canada.

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