Comparing Popular Breakfast Items

Breakfast has been called the most important meal of the day. It helps with maintaining a healthy weight, starts your metabolism for the day, and reduces your risk of health problems. It also provides the necessary energy to get you through your activities and focus on your tasks. Waffles, pancakes, and crepes are popular choices … Continue Reading

Have a Crepe Bar at Your Next Party

If you’re hosting a bridal shower, birthday party, or even just a get-together with friends, a crepe bar makes an excellent addition to the festivities. Whether you choose to create the crepe making station yourself or opt to have it catered, crepes are a fun and delicious meal or snack option that departs from the … Continue Reading

Spring Party Ideas

Spring is a great time for parties. The air is fresh, temperatures start to rise, and people are excited to get back outside after spending the winter tucked away. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering of close friends or a large group of people, these party ideas will be a hit. Add crepes as your … Continue Reading

A Toast to Success & Opportunity!

Zhongjin Xue and Li Bao, opened their very first Crepe Delicious location in Edmonton, Alberta on June 16, 2016. Since that time, Zhongjin and Li Bao now own three Albertan locations – two in Edmonton and one in Red Deer. Their commitment and strong passion to fresh ingredients and serving delicious food to satisfy the … Continue Reading

Making Crepes with Kids

Cooking with kids is often a rewarding experience for both adults and children. It gives families an opportunity to bond and teaches valuable lessons to kids about responsibility and discipline when following instructions in a recipe. The active participation of kids is the first step in teaching them the valuable skill of cooking. Trusting your … Continue Reading

How to Eat Better in the New Year

Tip #1: Choose Healthy Crepes for Home and Office Party Catering After all the feasting and festivity of the holidays is over, it is time to focus on determining how you will keep to the resolutions you enthusiastically made. If adopting better eating habits is on your list of goals for 2018, now is the … Continue Reading

Why Meatless Monday is Important to Consider

Why Meatless Monday is Important to Consider

Meatless Monday is by no means a modern concept. The U.S. Food Administration first proclaimed for every Tuesday to be meatless during World War I. At the time, populations in Europe were ravaged by the war and struggling to cover basic necessities, including food. Thus, reducing the consumption of meat amongst families in North America … Continue Reading

Holiday Party Foods Your Guests Will Love

Holiday Party Foods Your Guests Will Love

Creating a holiday menu that is easy to make and will taste great is not easy. Keeping it healthy adds to the challenge. We have some all-time favourites, including delicious crepes that are not time-consuming to prepare, and will impress your guests too. 7 Delicious, Healthy Holiday Party Foods Bruschetta: A classic Italian favourite, Bruschetta … Continue Reading

Why Breakfast is Important for Your Health and Well-being

Why Breakfast is Important for Your Health and Well-being

Mornings can be a hectic time of day. However, ensuring your family eats a healthy breakfast should always remain high on your priority list. Even if you may not feel hungry first thing in the morning, your body still needs fuel. For instance, imagine trying to drive a car on an empty tank. The action … Continue Reading

Do Healthy Fast Food Restaurants Exist? Yes, They Do!

Almost all of us have dined in a fast food restaurant at one time or another. They are attractive options for people who are on-the-go and need a quick meal. However, over the years, fast food has become synonymous with unhealthy food. In return for speed and convenience, these restaurants typically offer menu items that … Continue Reading