Tips for Hosting a Summer Crepe Party

Having a summer get together is a great time. Old friends get to catch up, new friends get a chance to spend more time with each other, and families get to bring their young ones over to play with those they may not see often. A fun twist on a traditional barbecue is to host … Continue Reading

Healthy Fillings for Dinner Crepes

You may think that crepes are traditionally a breakfast food and are reserved for sweet fillings. In reality, there are a wide variety of ingredients you can use to fill crepes that make them a healthy and interesting dinner choice. Meat Fillings A variety of meats can be used to fill a crepe and create … Continue Reading

Great Events for a Gelato Bar

In the warm, summer months, nothing beats a cold and refreshing gelato. Gelato is a similar treat to ice cream, although gelato is often creamier, denser, and lower in calories and fat. This Italian-style dessert is typically flavoured using fruit and nut purees, as well as other ingredients to make a delicious, rich, and tasty … Continue Reading