Oh Sweet February

February is a sweet month.

The Hershey Company, producer of beloved Hershey Kisses, was founded in February 1894 and has delighted us with its selection of chocolates over the past 118 years.  February celebrates another sweet legacy – Nutella.  Nutella was created in the 1940s but it was just 6 years ago that February 5th was declared World Nutella Day. (Follow us on Twitter for our World Nutella Day promo!)

If those sweet celebrations are not enough, Valentine’s Day falls right in the heart of February.  Couples shower each other with all the love they have, and impressive gifts both sparkly and sweet.  Heart shaped chocolate boxes and cakes abound, but the real ‘heart’ of Valentine’s Day is enjoying your sweetheart and the ones you love.

This year, why not embrace the winter season and celebrate Valentine’s Day out on the slopes? Discover a great toboggan hill?  Try tubing for the first time?  Or simply enjoy a good-hearted snowball fight!  These winter activities get you out into the crisp, fresh air, give a winter workout, but best of all… it gives you the excuse to snuggle up, stay warm and enjoy some of the sweet treats at the end of the day.

During the month of February and especially on Valentine’s Day 2012, remember that being around the people you love is the greatest gift of all. So when you wake up tomorrow morning, make sure to give the ones you love a kiss and a hug!  Crepe Delicious is celebrating the month of February with a crepe that is perfect for sharing!  Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Crepe Delicious!