Need Kid-Friendly Food Ideas?
Say Hello to Our Sweet Crepe Menu this Spring

Spring is near! This means that it is time for your kids to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. Perhaps it is time to even be a little more adventurous about mealtimes and trying new foods. Let’s talk about a kid-friendly food that all children love…crepes.

Smiling Young Girls Running On Sidewalk

What’s not to love about crepes? They can be sweet or savoury, large or small, and contain an abundance of fun flavours. Adults and kids all around absolutely love crepes. You can combine eating crepes into a fun activity that you and your kids will love. The great news is, there is a Kiddie Menu at our Crepe Delicious outlets. You can keep coming back for more to try new flavours and see our talented chefs in action.

Avoid Fussy Meal Times with Crepes for Kids

A lot of the time, kids are fussy about eating their meals. They do not want to touch those vegetables unless they have been invisibly blended into a comfort food item. Maybe they feel like they are “full” when they have only had two bites of their sandwich. They also enjoy throwing food around and maybe even feeding it to the dog. To combat these common mealtime issues, it can be helpful to show your children the process of making a meal from start to finish. This is a great opportunity for you to come visit us and see how we create exciting, mouth-watering crepes for your children.

Make it an Outing to Remember with Delicious Crepes for the Kids and You!

As parents, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a meal without the usual fuss and tantrums. Not to forget, we have lots of options for your choice of crepe too!

  • Bring your kids to one of our Crepe Delicious outlets, and let them see crepe batter being spun over the griddle and warmed to perfection by our friendly chefs.
  • Your kids will love to choose their favourite crepe and see the entire process of how it is made.
  • They will see all the colourful ingredients that go into the batter and be able to choose which toppings they would like to have.
  • Adding some Gelato from our amazing menu of flavours will be a cherry on top of this wonderful, fun-filled mealtime experience.
  • Help your child learn how their favourite kid-friendly food is made, and you will be pleasantly surprised that they may soon start to appreciate food much more.
  • There are more benefits than just enjoying a delicious meal. When kids are involved with the process of cooking, it helps encourage them to eat healthier. For instance, if they see a Sweet ingredient they love on the menu, maybe they can balance it out with a fruit or vegetable. Caramel and apples, strawberries and Nutella, bananas and creamy custard—so many choices in our crepes for children!
  • Of course, you can take our ideas and try out your own creative crepe recipes at home. Maybe next time your kids will not ‘accidentally’ drop that delicious piece of chicken on the floor when they see what kind of work goes into making a meal. They may even help you put a meal together.

Crepes for Your Spring Events

Spring also signals the start of outdoor parties, picnics, family gatherings, community fundraisers, and more. If you are looking for unique menu ideas to delight guests at your next event, check out Crepe Delicious for all your catering needs.

Crepe Delicious offers a variety of fun menu choices for both you and your children. Watch our crepes being made fresh in front of you as you choose from our wide selection of ingredients.

Check out our Sweet Crepe Menu and Find a Location Near You to try your favourite crepe today.