Slow Down and Smell The Flowers…

April may not have been as warm as we would have liked, but May is starting to bring out double digit temperatures. We can finally move on from the snow storms, ice quakes and polar vertices of the past winter, throw on a spring jacket and indulge in fun in the sun!

Did you know May 12th to 18th is National Nurses Week, where we shine the spotlight on the contributions of nurses to society? May 12th is International Nurses Day, but it’s also the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightengale, who is considered the founder of modern nursing. Be sure to let your local nurses know how much you appreciate them!

With all the warmth in May, it’s no wonder it’s the same month we honour the warmest, most loving people we know, our mothers! In today’s fast-paced internet-driven world, it’s hard to find good old-fashioned quality time between texts and e-mails. Gifts are great ways to show appreciation for mothers, but this year we want to remind people to think less about the commercialization of Mother’s Day and more about truly connecting with your mom. Mother’s Day falls on Sunday May 11th this year, how are you going to celebrate?


Nothing says quality time quite like sharing a yummy crepe. If you’re out and about and you stop by the mall with your mom for Mother’s Day, be sure to check out our featured crepe of the month. Our Sweet Mom crepe is filled with sliced banana, dulce de leche and shredded coconut for only $5! It makes for the perfect sharable treat for a mother and her loved ones. At that price though, why stop at just one? Here’s to wishing all the moms out there an amazing May and Mother’s Day!