Spring Forward!

Good grief, is it March already??? With March Break around the corner, you may be planning a series of activities to keep your children entertained and spending quality family time. From a child’s perspective, March Break is about one thing—time to play!

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa has launched a new spring season with its annual March Break Foodology. On this occasion, families can make some fascinating food discoveries and visit the animals in the museum’s barns. Additionally, children can get creative and keep themselves busy with themed crafts that explore food science. Whether you are planning to go on vacation or staying in town and going to a museum, play board games and watch movies, enjoy your family time together!

Are you itching for the spring to come and for the leaves to turn green yet the snow is still falling outside? Then St. Patrick Day on March 17th might be the perfect celebration for you! What other day of the year can you wear green all over? Due to their Irish roots, the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador actually have this day as a public holiday. Irish pubs across Canada are packed with people drinking green beer and proclaiming themselves “Irish for the day”. Many Canadian cities hold parades in honour of this holiday. The longest-running St. Patrick’s Day parade in Canada occurs each year in Montreal, Quebec and has been held every year since 1824. In the city of Toronto in 1919, the current Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team was known as the Toronto St. Patricks and they wore green jerseys until 1927. The world shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade is held in the Irish village of Dripsey. It lasts only 100 yards, spanning the distance between the village’s two pubs. By the way, did you know that your odds of finding a four-leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000?


Speaking of green, our chefs are serving up “Hello Hummus” this month, a healthy crepe filled with garden fresh veggies, tasty hummus and topped with chick peas. Last month, we indulged in our sweet tooth cravings, but this month we’re bringing back a savoury favourite that’s healthy to boot!