Stay Cool, August is ON!

It can’t be…is that really back to school on the horizon? August is upon us and although this means the end of summer is nearing, this isn’t necessarily the end of the fun! Now you have a chance to pack in all the summer activities you’ve wanted to do this year. Ride your bike, watch the sunset, be a tourist in your own hometown, and don’t forget to host an end of the summer bonfire in your backyard to spend sweet time with family, friends and neighbours.

We know it is very stressful to think of “winter”. That’s why we are celebrating Relaxation Day on August 15th. This is the perfect occasion to take a breath from the rollercoaster of life, take a few moments of down-time, even take a stay-cation and enjoy your deserved relaxation!

And for a classic, delicious taste that your summer bucket list can’t miss, this August try our Brownie Bash. Chunks of decadent brownie and marshmallow, topped with chocolate sauce.

If summer is ending, we’re doing it with a sweet and chewy bang!