Healthy Eating For People On-The-Go

With its origins in France, the crepe is very recognizable within many countries and cultures worldwide. Crepes are known by different names and can be filled with various ingredients, yet people around the globe have been enjoying this thin pancake and its contents for years in such recipes as: Blintz (Eastern Europe), Dosa (India/South Asia), Tortilla (Mexico), Pfannkuchen (Germany).

Whether the crepes are made of wheat, buckwheat, rice, or another batter, they have been a staple of healthy eating habits for generations. Since 2004, Crepe Delicious has been serving our unique menu of sweet and savory crepes as part of our commitment to lead the resurgence in healthy eating.

We are recognized for our world-class crepes and take great pride in creating an exquisite experience each and every time you visit one of our locations – all of our crepes are made fresh to order just for you! The crepe itself has just 170 calories and 3 grams of fat, and you can fill our crepes with your favorite fresh ingredients for a healthy meal on-the-go.

At Crepe Delicious, our passion is crepes! We are one of the largest and fastest-growing mall-based creperies and we would be delighted to serve you today. What’s in your crepe?

A Unique History for a Unique Brand

Chef Oded Yefet embarked on an international quest to find the perfect addition to a vibrant North American quick-service restaurant industry. His travels took him around the world, including Western Europe, the Far East, and North Africa. While visiting Paris, France, Oded observed street vendors serving crepes in a manner similar to the hotdog stands of North America.

He immediately began to visualize the combination of North Americans’ love for street food with the delights of a fresh crepe. He took this simple yet stylish concept, combined it with his hotel/restaurant experience of more than twenty years, and founded Crepe Delicious.

The first Crepe Delicious opened in 2004. Success was virtually immediate and the brand was franchised the following year. Today, there are locations throughout North America and we are aggressively pursuing franchise development plans across the United States. This future growth will focus on:

Crepe Delicious is now a leading chain specializing in the creation of world-class sweet and savory crepes and a leader in the overall trend toward healthier eating.

Not Your Typical Food Court Fare

Crepe Delicious is a rapidly growing mall-based creperie, offering sweet and savory crepes as well as a selection of panini sandwiches, salads, and premium beverages.

Located mainly in major shopping centers, our Crepe Delicious stores have seating areas to accommodate our customers. This offers a more comfortable and relaxed environment in which you can enjoy your crepe.

We are passionate about fresh, nutritious, and tasty meals for people on-the-go. All of our crepes are made-to-order with the finest and freshest ingredients and in the full view of our customers so that you can appreciate the hand-crafted preparation of your crepe before it is served. Our crepes are low in both calories and fat and may be filled with any assortment of fresh and colorful fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and lean meats to create a balanced meal.

Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, Crepe Delicious is a healthy meal option.

Gelato: A Perfect Complement to Specialty Crepes

The newest member of our Crepe Delicious family is gelato, our contemporary ice cream inspired by sensual flavors and the desire for fine quality. All our gelato creations are hand-crafted onsite daily, using only the finest and freshest ingredients in the same manner that we prepare all of our crepes.

Lactose-free and sugar-free options are available along with a selection of fine sorbets with 0% fat content. We also create seasonal gelato flavors that are influenced and inspired by locally-grown produce.

A perfect complement to our specialty crepes, gelato was introduced within Crepe Delicious late in 2010; this was soon followed by strong growth throughout 2011 and today, almost all of our Crepe Delicious locations offer the luxurious experience of our gelato.