Time to Celebrate our True North Strong and Free!

It’s finally July – typically the warmest month for the northern hemisphere – so get out and enjoy the heart of summer! Before you know it the winter winds and flurries will be back, so take this chance to get out and enjoy the great outdoors while you can. Go walking, jogging, hiking, biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, swimming, pogo-sticking, trampolining… choose the activity that suits you best, but just get outside and have some fun!

And let’s not forget, Sunday, July 1st is our country’s national holiday – Canada Day! Read on to find out about the wonderful treat we have created to help you celebrate not only on the holiday weekend, but the whole month of July.

Although you may fondly think of the July 1st weekend as one of the times when you get an extra day off work to extend your burger n’ marshmallow activities at the cottage, don’t forget why – it’s Canada’s birthday! Canada Day is celebrated all across the country in every province and territory, and marks the day back in 1867 when Canada signed the Constitution Act – essentially uniting two British colonies and a province of the British Empire into one big glorious country.

We encourage you to celebrate our nation’s birthday in true “Canadian” style. Go for a skinny-dip in a cold northern lake… have pancakes dripping with maple syrup for breakfast… work on finetuning your loon call… get out to see some red and white fireworks!


The one thing you don’t need to worry about for the celebrations this year is baking a red and white cake – we’ve nicely covered that off for you! This month’s patriotically yummy Crepe Delicious special is called the Red and White – fresh strawberries and creamy custard wrapped together in a crepe, and sprinkled with icing sugar. Come on in and try one… you may find you want to celebrate Canada’s birthday every day of the month.