A Crepe for Canada…

It’s a big birthday!  Canada celebrates its 147th birthday this year with a coast-to-coast party!  Whether it is a celebration in our nation’s capital or a BBQ in your hometown, we wish you a joyous July 1.  What makes you Canadian?  Is it the maple syrup?  The poutine? Is it hockey?

Urban Dictionary defines a Canadian as ‘somebody from the country north of United States which has; Maple Syrup; Hockey; Universal Healthcare; Peace; Low Crime/Violence Rates; Excellent Donuts and Coffee……’  What makes you a Canadian?

To our neighbours to the south, we also wish them the very best as they celebrate their day, Independence Day on July 4th.  Who is up for trivia?  What historic event took place 44 years ago on July 20, 1969? On that day, astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Moon.  Were you one of the hundreds of millions who watched the TV broadcast as the Apollo 11 crew, made during this historic, three-day flight?


As we head into the hot summer, get yourself ready with sunscreen, a best seller and a sunhat.  It will be a hot one!  This month, we invite you to celebrate our Canadian pride!  Crepe Delicious is proudly Canadian and we proudly feature our Red and White crepe every July.  Our Red & White wraps up fresh strawberries and custard and is topped with the perfect amount of icing sugar. At only $5, we’ll have you saying, “That’s a great deal, eh?”