A season of umbrellas and sunglasses.

We can all rejoice the fact that winter is “officially” over. The weather is starting to move out of the negatives, but we can expect a lot of rainfall. At least we can switch out our winter boots for rain boots. They’re still boots, but at least it’s warmer!

For all our Scottish-Canadians, April 6th is National Tartan Day. It’s a celebration of the contributions of Scots and their descendants in Canada. It is celebrated on April 6 because it’s the anniversary of the signing of Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, the Scottish declaration of independence!

Whether you’re looking forward to delicious egg hunts or egg decorating with the family, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday fall on April 20th and 21st respectively. Earth Day falls on April 22nd this year. Earth Day started in 1970, and is a internationally recognized holiday where people all over collectively demonstrate support for environmental protection. How are you going to participate? Tell us on Social Media, we’d love to hear about it.


April wouldn’t feel like much of a renewal without a new monthly special. Our Spring Ham is a sweet and savoury combination of glazed ham, pineapple, and lettuce and sprinkled with cheese. For $6, only a fool would pass up a deal that yummy.