Healthy Bites

September is knocking on our doors with its crisp temperatures, patchwork of blue skies, gold and candy apple reds. Canada’s national parks are the perfect places for the annual show of foliage colors. Catch the spectacular colors of your autumn road trip and share your gorgeous pictures with us!

But what is September also known for? Back to school month!

When it comes to getting kids fueled up for school, a healthy and nutritious breakfast is essential! In fact, statistics show that more than 40% of Canadian children do not eat breakfast on a daily basis. “By morning, kids have been fasting for up to 12 hours — even longer than a school day,” says Carol Dombrow, Dietitian for Breakfast for Learning (BFL), the leading national non profit organization working to ensure that every child in Canada attends school well nourished and ready to learn. Students who make healthy food choices are more attentive and ready to learn in the classroom!

Here at Crepe Delicious we created the perfect combination that will give your family plenty of energy to take on your new challenges: sliced apples, smooth caramel sauce and crunchy walnuts. Our seasonal inspired Caramel Apple crepe has the colors of the Fall with a bounty full of sweet and healthy ingredients in every bite! And for an unforgettable experience, pair your crepe with a cup of Mighty Leaf tea, now available in many of our locations.