Spring Party Ideas

Spring is a great time for parties. The air is fresh, temperatures start to rise, and people are excited to get back outside after spending the winter tucked away. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering of close friends or a large group of people, these party ideas will be a hit. Add crepes as your meal choices, and your get-together is sure to be the talk of the town.

Party Themes

  • Garden Party: With the flowers starting to bloom, trees getting their leaves back, and the grass turning green again, the outdoors are starting to look beautiful. As it begins to warm up, it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy nature with some friends and good food. Our Garden Ham and Mediterranean crepes make excellent additions to the menu with their delicious and fresh vegetable fillings.
  • Taco Party: A fun take on a traditional taco night. Creating the decorations and preparing for the theme with music is almost as fun as eating the food. Try switching the menu to include crepes to add a twist. The California Chicken and California Steak crepes have some of that traditional taco flavour, but provide a completely different eating experience.
  • Tropical Party: The warm air and sunshine inspires thoughts of vacations with tropical beaches, clear water, and palm trees to relax under. If these dreams are out of reach for now, bring the tropics home with a backyard party. Some decorative flowers, palm fronds, and maybe a flamingo or two will help set the mood, and our Lotus and Dulce crepes are sure to satisfy.
  • Kids Party: With March break coming fast, a fun idea to occupy the kids is to host a party for your child and their friends. A great interactive idea is a make-your-own crepe party. This way, each child gets to select from ingredients they know and are familiar with to create their own healthy and delicious meal. Alternatively, you could host a birthday party with dessert crepes. We have a savoury kid’s menu, and a variety of dessert options to satisfy any sweet tooth.
  • Dessert Party: You can never go wrong with a party that is primarily focused on desserts. Whether you decide to host an ice cream party, pie party, or a dessert potluck, it is sure to be a hit among your guests. At Crepe Delicious, we have a wide variety of dessert crepes you can incorporate or have an entirely crepe themed party. Our indulgent New York crepe includes a slice of cheesecake, and our Sundae crepe has a scoop of gelato accompanying it.

Catering by Crepe Delicious

When you decide to have your party catered by us, we bring our crepe station to your location along with an experienced crepe chef to create fresh, delicious meals for your guests. Whether you choose from our featured crepes or opt to make custom, unique options, the experience will be like no other and will be remembered by everyone there.

Whatever kind of party you’re hosting, Crepe Delicious can cater for you. Browse our menu to choose what you would like to include on your list, and visit a location near you to come in and try your favourites!